Wednesday, 5 February 2014



A much as I wished for original recordings,
if Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. can
remake the classics, I'm happy that Ruben
has done the same here with this fantastic
selection of songs. While you might have to
get used to some of these melodies being sung 
in this way, it is so damn smooth and a great
arrangement from David Foster who helped
Ruben do what he does best. Sing like an angel.
This album is a must. Thank you mr. Studdard!
Overall Score: 9/10

Sidenote: Nobody has ever done Teddy Pendergrass'
"Close the Door" as good as Montell Jordan did on his debut album.
Montell became a pastor in 2010 leaving the R&B scene,
which besides being a great thing for him and his family,
was a turn of events fro me. R&B would never be the same again.
Montell will always be my favourite alongside Joe & R. Kelly.

Sidenote 2: not to take away from Ruben, but nobody will
ever do "If this world were mine" like Luther Vandross, R.I.P.



2014 is starting off great here with a collabo from
two RnB legends. I did not see this coming at all.
The idea alone is fantastic though, right?
I have heard the album a couple of times now
and there are some stellar tracks here.
"The D Word" being my favourite so far.
Need to bump and let it soak in some more.
Full Review Coming Soon...



Forget about how superb R. Kelly was with R. or
or Happy People, can you go from Love Letter,
giving the fans what they want with songs like
"When A Woman Loves" again, to this dread that is so not
like anything the King Of R&B would ever do???
I mean, you're copying cats like Future (which is the biggest
abomination to urban music since Kanye West turned gay).
Auto-tune all over your album??? Singing ABC rhymes???
That is just un-acceptable and down-right a slap in the face
for your fans and yourself as an artist that's suppose to be
the best. There's only one song, "Shut Up" that is
the real R. Kelly. I mean, that is just sad.
I'm all for growing with the times and venturing into
new things (Stepping was so damn awesome), but this
is taking it too far. Remember the awesomeness that was
the performance of the 2010 Soul Train Awards? To this?
I've been shaking my head for weeks now.
I still bought the album, because R. Kelly is the man and
always will be, but he better come correct like with
Love Letter. The new Christmas album and a slew of
other releases (speculation on his behalf?) that will
be all about love-making, should hopefully be it.
But it all depends on the beats and more importantly
the vocal production. We'll see, but please,
give us that and R. again. Come on dude.

Overall Score: 3/10



Part 2 of JT's 20/20 Experience and just like the first
one this is another great release showcasing JT's talent.
However it just isn't as good. The first one has a bigger emphasis 
on RnB and less pop/dance which this disc has too 
much of in my opinion. Despite this it still is a nice album. 
but it just doesn't have the same lasting appeal.

1. Gimme What I Don't Know 5/5
Loving the hook and melodies on this one.
2. True Blood 3/5
This is not really acceptable as great as the track
might be with it's catchy hook and uptempo feel.
Not a fan of JT's way of singing here either.
3. Cabaret ft. Drake 4.5/5
This is more like it but unfortunately it 
has Drake as a feature which is a no no for me.
4. TKO 5/5
This one is awesome and more like part 1.
5. Take Back The Night 3/5
Brian McKnight has a similar 80s type retro track
on his album but pulls it off way better.
Sometimes I like this one, sometimes I just
want to skip it. I don't know.
6. Murder ft. Jay-Z 3/5
Again, the beat is just not there. Shitty Jay-Z
feature this time and a crap hook. A no no.
7. Drink You Away 4/5
There's just no consistency it seems. This one
seems out of place too after all previous tracks.
Still nice though. 
8. You Got It On 4.5/5
Smooth feel and more RnB the right way
9. Amnesia 5/5
Just like "Mirrors", this is outstanding. Why couldn't
the whole alb be like this? I mean, it was done
for part 1?
10. Only When I Walk Away 3/5
There's just something about this that annoys me.
The snare? JT's vocals? The whole vibe?
Probably a combination of all. Not thrilled here.
11. Not A Bad Thing / Pair Of Wings 5/5
At least the best was saved or last.
These 2 tracks are awesome.

Now, the thing that annoys me the most with this release?
2 of the best tracks were thrown on a bonus disc! Say what?
That just peeves me. "Blindness" & "Electric Lady" should have
been on the alb in favour of like 6-7 tracks from the main disc
Not sure who's call that was here. But I hate it.
In the end, this is a nice little album on it's own, if it wasn't
for part 1 that really just shits on this one. Kinda bummed.

Overall Score: 8/10

Friday, 6 September 2013



I love this dude and even though, after a few
listens, it may fall a little short compared to Joe
or Brian McKnight's latest, it does however sound fantastic.
There are no bad tracks here really and after the proper
spins this album deserves, it's truly another great release
with a lot of standout tracks. A must cop for any RnB fan.

1. Age Ain't A Factor 4.5/5
2. He Don't Excist 5/5
3. Morning 5/5
4. What She Really Means 5/5
5. Pussy Appreciation day 4.5/5
6. Baby X3 4/5
7. Shower Scene 4/5
8. Sexting 4/5
9. I Found You 4.5/5
10. Florida 5/5
11. Sticks N Stones 5/5
12. First Time 4/5
13. Blame Me 5/5
14. Chase Forever 3.5/5

Overall Score: 9.1/10



Ever since Glenn Lewis came on the scene with the
awesome "World Outside My Window" and more
particularly his first single "Don't You Forget It",
I've been a fan for life. That song is still in heavy
rotation and in my R&B Hall Of Fame. Simply fantastic.
Seeing he released a new album this year and R&B
is back where it should be, I knew this was going
to be something great or at least I hoped it would be.
After a couple months listening to the album now,
I have to admit I was wrong. It is not great...
It is fantastic! I absolutely love this album and
had it on repeat for several weeks straight.
I might even go as far as saying it's my favourite
RnB album this year, if it wasn't for Joe's Doubleback.
Front to back this is so damn great with some
amazing songs to take you back to his first album.
Top notch RnB here that everybody needs in their collection!
Overall Score: 10/10

Here's the amazing "Can't Say Love" to get you sucked in!

Saturday, 31 August 2013



Matress Music was hella dope and quite the surprise.
This time around it looks like Marques got his
D'Angelo on and boy is it fantastic.
First up though, let's talk production. Now this is
exactly what R&B has been missing in the last couple of
years. The drums in particular. This feels like the good
old days again. Easy kicks with the right kind of snares
and the rhythm and groove that makes R&B such
a great genre. No futuristic sounding drums with horrible
melodies and flows. First Brian McKnight, then Joe and 
now Marques (not to forget TGT & Charlie Wilson). 
R&B definitely made one hell of a comeback.
As for the vocal production, you know things are right back
were they should be when every single line in the verses
has a great melody all in its own. Nothing boring at all.
With all that said, this album, however great, is just a notch
below Joe and Brian McKnight. Still man, this album
is sweet as hell and such an easy smooth ride to just
have on in the background or when you want to zone out.
Props to you Marques for keeping it real and back to
giving us that feel again from the golden days. 
I need to bump a few more times for a final rating, but
for now this is definitely up there! Go get it!
(Btw, what a great take on Marvin's classic huh!!)
Overall Score: 9/10

Here's exactly what i'm talking about! Sweeeet!!